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Swimming pools are classified according to the method of filtering are two types, namely:

  • filtration system by the suction surface (skimmer )
  • channel filtration system by floating around the swimming pool (over flow).

Whatever kind of pool needs to be contained on many of the devices, most notably:

First: - The filter unit: 

It is made up of filter sand contains sand silica to capture the dust and impurities mechanism related to the filter according to specifications, and contain this unit is also water pump fit the size of the filter to the providing water dull the pool according to capacity and pressure of (1-1.5) bar 
To complement this unit is necessary to install the appropriate skimmers and exits the water and drains and sweeping slots, according to the dimensions and shape of the swimming pool.

Second: - lighting unit and electricity:
It is made up of appropriate and submersible lighting by selecting the appropriate boxes arrived, followed by electricity and rain flexible hose lighting and electrical transformers in particular, according to specifications and lighting often it be 300W/12V capacity is installed inside the equipment room. 
It is recommended to install electrical panel to protect and control contain the necessary electrical parts such as circuit breakers and ... Etc...

Thirdly: - sterilization unit and there are many kinds of sterilization of swimming pool water, including: 

  • manual injection of chemicals
  • automatic injection by injector device.
  • Automatic injection of liquid chemicals.
  • Sterilization devices, the maternal uncle of iodine salt.
  • Sterilization by UV-C.
  • Sterilization by ozone.

Fourth: - Unit Heating: 
usually it work by heat exchange between the cold water pool and very hot water temperature of not less than 70 degrees Celsius and originating diesel boiler or solar water heaters The heaters have many including: 

  • heat exchanger and is usually made of stainless steel is selected in the equation of his ability, especially under the supervision of a professional engineer.
  • thermo electric heating, including regular electric heater known and capabilities from 9 kW to 18 kW and contain the Thermostat.

- Including electric heating units by issue hot air to heat the water pool. 
The most important of which are numerous ladders and handles made of stainless steel and in several forms and measurements to suit all sizes and shapes swimming pools and accessories also ropes and balls to divide the community-lane swimming pool. 
Cleaning and testing equipment and consists of:

  • Vacuum Cleaning and of a plastic aluminum.
  • flexible hose installed in the vaccume point to collect the dust from the pool floor.
  • Stick telescopic several lengths to move the vacuum several trends within the pool.
  • deep nets to capture floated dirt on the surface of the water.
  • a scrub brush and several special forms. And - equipment to examine the proportion of chlorine and acidity in the waters of the swimming pool and many kinds of them.
  • equipment to measure water temperature (thermometer), including normal and Polyphonic.


Jacuzzi system: 
Consists of the same stages and equipment:

  • filtration unit.
  • lighting unit and electricity.
  • Unit sterilization.
  • heating unit.
  • accessories.
  • Equipment cleaning and inspection.

But the important addition regular systems for Jacuzzi are: 

  • water massage unit.
  • air massage unit


Consists of rackets water special double and diameters large and is established in the body of the bathtub or concrete and is working on mixing water with air surrounding keys air especially the water in these racquets are provided by pumps a very big advantage to pump water amounts significantly over a few minutes and the water source is the same pool Jacuzzi where pumps operate on clouds and quick payment (recycling). 
- As for the location of these mills usually it be in the region of the upper body of the user that is, on the back, shoulder and lower back and the quantity is by design


Air massage:
It is similar to the water massage unit but the air exits diameters are smaller than the water inlet diameter , placed in the water and where to place the legs of the user and according to the need and are supplied with air by air pumps and suitable for a large number of exits.


First: Sauna room 

  • A room full armored Finnish wood sauna, processored, and isolated, free of any glues, all natural oils and industrial.
  • And the wood walls and ceiling panels in a length of 210 cm and width 95 mm and thickness of 14.5 mm.

The wood seats shall be a longitudinal plate thickness 17.50 mm and are installed by the interior design of the room. 

- It is the most important benefits of the sauna they address some of Rheumatology and improve blood circulation and stimulate the respiratory system and melt the fat from the body. 

Sauna stove it has several forms such as electrical stoves & wood stoves , they contains all of the igneous rocks to spread the heat from the heaters inside the room. There is also room in the hourglass to measure time and hours of heat and moisture and water bucket and ladle and the handle of clothing, lighting either is very special to withstand high temperatures and it has several forms.

Secondly:Steam room
A room is often full of ceramics (walls, ceiling and floor), but many of them became a made of fiberglass or acrylic or..... Etc. 

The device he is working on the steam generating steam after letting the clean water inside and free from impurities and by thermal heaters made from stainless steel it heat the water at high speed to the boiling point and then directed into the steam room. 

- And there may be several protections for this device including the safety valve in case of blockage of the course of steam and electric sensors to prevent it in case it does not hold water. 

- It also contains the unity of the automatic discharge of water from the inside Aljhazaand blackouts him.


Water pumps in all their uses:

  • Water pumps are available in all domestic and agricultural uses, industrial, and all electrical capacity.
  • There are pumps, surface and submersible, and also vertical and horizontal.
  • One of the strongest and most sophisticated global companies in the industry pumps.


The global Spanish ESPA GROUP

Featuring industry pumps several butterflies of the pump of any one system (Multi Stage), 
These butterflies are made of stainless steel as well as body pump, and the most important Maemezha it is silent (ie, operate without sound).


Fountains systems and waterfalls:
These systems rely heavily on the geometry and architecture and on the place from where the present climate to determine how to filter.

According to the owner's desire is to shape out of water and it is the design and implementation of electrical, mechanical, and ultimately must be developed and unit head of the waterfall or fountain to give the form of water is required after you select the type and capacity required for the water pump system.


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